Mystery Box - Fabric / Sewing

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Want a little mystery in your art life? 

All of these current offered boxes are focused on my sewing studio. Each one has multiple pieces of multiple sizes of used and unused fabric - some scrap and some in yardage. There is silk, denim, linen, poly, fleece, cotton, wool.... cosplay, steampunk, historical, quilting. Some have buttons and notions. Boxes are already packed! The small boxes each have the cut pieces for a linen Viking hood. (Postage has increased so the price had to increase :( postage is included!) limited offer :)

I'm refocusing my studio spaces and have a ton of supplies that need new homes! I will fill a box full of supplies/projects and ship it right to you. Items could be new in package or parts and pieces (where I used the part I needed). I would love to pass things on instead of just throwing things away. These are all items I already own so I can't take specific requests. 

Please pick a size of box (based on USPS Priority Mail box sizes) and one main topic. I will do my best to get things on your desired theme. This is a limited time offer since I will eventually run out of things! (I hope!) Shipping is already included in this price.