Griffin Oath Plaque - *pre-order*

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Fundraiser is Closed - This product will be available again after we handle this donation cycle.

Fundraiser for Dray and Kingdom of Northshield Endowment Fund.
Size: 4.5"x 5.5"

This plaque is made of 1/8" walnut plywood and decorated with gold foil (which is very shiny) and laser cut words quoting the Northshield populace oath. The original artist for the griffin is Dray and this project was born out of a desire to help another artist through a difficult time. Because we are invoking the words of our Kingdom, it only seemed right that some of the profits be sent to help fund the Endowment fund (which is currently and generously having matched donations right now). Layout may vary as I tweak it for appearance only - most likely the words will shift to centered.

Each plaque costs $25 (plus tax) - Dray will receive $12 of each order and the Kingdom will get $5. This is a *pre-order* event for the month of April. Plaques will be available for pick up at Border Skirmish, WW, and (possibly) NRW. USPS Mail is also available - orders will ship after June 1st.